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~ 2 min.
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1mietzekatze9Skill level: 2359
2tino34400Skill level: 2262
3Jam77Skill level: 2260

Zuminga is a fun skill game in which two players play against each other. The playing field consists of a track and a canon. A string of differently coloured balls roll along the track towards a hole.


You can use the canon to shoot further balls into the string to form groups of like-coloured balls. Forming a group of three of more will lead to the balls exploding. You receive 10 points for every ball removed from the track, while 15 points are deducted for every shot from the canon. You must prevent the balls from falling into the hole. If you fail, the game will come to an end. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.